Character List

The game currently has 61 characters, divided into 4 categories: Attackers, Defenders, All-rounds and Supports.

Attacker Attackers:

Strong attack and weak defence. Put them in the back.

Admiralsmall (Custom) Admiral
Alicesmall (Custom) Alice the Magician
Ayamesmall (Custom) Ayame
Cerceysmall (Custom) Cercey
Crimsonsmall (Custom) Crimson
Demonsmall (Custom) Demon Slayer
Dwarfsmall (Custom) Dwarf Sniper
Dianasmall (Custom) Diana
Dursnetsmall (Custom) Dursnet
Elfsmall (Custom) Elf
Faeriesmall (Custom) Faerie Eza
Lichsmall (Custom) Lich
Lovelysmall (Custom) Lovely Lucy the Catgirl
Maplesmall (Custom) Maple Witch
Melanyasmall (Custom) Melanya
Neosmall (Custom) Neo
Neversmall (Custom) Nevermore
Ogresmall (Custom) Ogre
Pandarensmall (Custom) Pandaren Brewmaster
Phyrossmall (Custom) Phyros
Seymoursmall (Custom) Seymour
Silencersmall (Custom) Silencer
Skeletonsmall (Custom) Skeleton King
Soulsmall (Custom) Soul Freezer
Swordsmall (Custom) Swordmaster
Sylsmall (Custom) Syl the Queen
Thundersmall (Custom) Thunder God

Defender Defenders

Strong defence. Useful in the front

Blackknightsmall (Custom) Black Knight
Blackdragonsmall (Custom) Black Dragon General
Garensmall (Custom) Garen
Leahsmall (Custom) Leah
Leviathansmall (Custom) Leviathan
Malphitesmall (Custom) Malphite
Mogulsmall (Custom) Mogul Kahn
Stormsmall (Custom) Storm
Taurensmall (Custom) Tauren Chieftain
Teresasmall (Custom) Teresa the Valkyrie
Tinysmall (Custom) Tiny
Zurghos (s) Zurghos

Allround All-rounds

Balanced. Can be put in the front or in the back.

Cactussmall (Custom) Cactus Soldier
Eredarsmall (Custom) Eredar
Foxysmall (Custom) Foxy
Grimsmall (Custom) Grim
Ilyana (s) Ilyana
Lily (s) Lily
Lucian (s) Lucian
Medusasmall (Custom) Medusa
Miranasmall (Custom) Mirana Nightshade
Necsmall (Custom) Nec
Obsidiansmall (Custom) Obsidian
Razorsmall (Custom) Razor
Selena (s) Selena
Shadowsmall (Custom) Shadow Warden
Sheilasmall (Custom) Sheila
Skullsmall (Custom) Skull Master
Svensmall (Custom) Sven

Support Supports

Can heal your team and give (de)buffs. Put them in the back.

Dryadsmall (Custom) Dryad
Rellysmall (Custom) Relly the Elf
Sweetneysmall (Custom) Sweetney
Thrallsmall (Custom) Thrall

Team Strategies

Which heroes are the best? How shall i build my team? What is the best team actually? For all those who are asking themselves those questions, this little guide should be helpful.

First of all: There is no ONE best team, there is a variety of heroes who are really useful for the different game modes. When you start the game it is recommended that your team has at least one tank and one healer, the rest is up to you whether you take damager or allrounder. Later on you may probably exchange the tank for an allrounder or any other hero with a high defense. Tipp: Concentrate on a few heroes at beginning (especially in the different shops it is better to choose one hero you want to build first, not all at once).

Stages, Raids and Trials

Therefore it is not too difficult to pick a team. Most stages are pretty easy as long as you have the recommended power of your team. Taking heroes with high attack is helpful, but nevertheless, at least a healer is always recommended. At the end of each chapter (also at the end of raids) you will encounter a boss, here I recommend to use heroes with blind (i.e. Crimson, Razor) and/or silence (i.e. Silencer, Shadow Warden). That makes it much easier to defeat a boss! And dont forget the healer! ;)

Arena and Crusade

For everything that concerns PVP it is important to use crowd controling heroes (i.e. Silencer, Medusa, Lich, Soul Freezer, Lily, Thunder God, Admiral). The less your opponent can do the better your chances to win. Especially in crusade a healer is obligatory because your HP won't refresh after a fight (Sweetney and Dryad may be best for that part). In Arena it's on your own whether you take a healer or maybe one more crowd controler.

World Boss

Time to do some damage! Therefore you should pick heroes with high attack, but also have a look on their speed (the higher the better), recommended here: i.e. Swordmaster, Nevermore, Shadow Warden, Foxy, Diana, Syl, Lily. Another useful thing to look at in this case is Counter and Crit, so have a look at passive skills, too (i.e. Lich, Razor, Silencer, Thunder God).

Tier List

The following ranking is based on how useful the characters are for Arena/Crusade Mode and for the Hard Stages.

Attackers and All-rounds

Rank Comments
Foxy S high ATK and DEF, possible Stun (1 enemy)
Lich S high ATK and very high DEF, Counter, Crowd Control
Lily S high ATK and Speed, Crowd Control
Medusa S high DEF, Crowd Control, ATK Debuff (3 enemies)
Silencer S high ATK, Speed and Crit, Crowd Control
Syl S very high ATK and Crit, DEF Debuff (5 enemies)
Thunder God A+ high ATK and Crit, Crowd Control; low DEF
Diana A very high ATK and Speed, ATK Debuff (back row)
Pandaren Brewmaster A very high ATK, DEF Debuff (1 enemy); low DEF
Razor A high Counter, possible Blind Debuff (1 enemy)
Soul Freezer A very high ATK and DEF, Crowd Control
Swordmaster A very high ATK; low DEF
Admiral A- high ATK and Speed, Crowd Control
Cynthia A- very high ATK, Burn Debuff (1 enemy)
Nevermore A- very high ATK and Crit, ATK Debuff (back row); low DEF
Shadow Warden A- high ATK, possible Silence (1 enemy); low DEF and HP
Alice B high ATK, ATK Buff (on herself); low Speed
Crimson B high ATK, definite blind (1 enemy); very low DEF
Skeleton King B high Crit and Speed, Crit buff (whole group); low DEF
Demon Slayer C high ATK, possible Stun (1 enemy); very low DEF and HP
Dursnet C high ATK, Speed Buff (whole group); low HP
Dwarf Sniper C DEF debuff (1 enemy), possible Speed Debuff (back row); very low DEF, low HP
Maple Witch C high ATK, possible Crit Debuff (2 enemies); very low DEF and HP
Mirana Nightshade C moderate DEF and ATK, DEF decrease (1 enemy)
Obsidian C possible Freeze (1 enemy); low speed, moderate ATK
Ogre C high ATK, Speed increase (whole group); very low DEF and HP
Skull Master C DEF decrease (1 enemy), possible Confuse (2 enemies); moderate ATK and DEF
Cactus Soldier D ATK increase (on himself); low ATK, HP and Speed
Elf D low ATK and HP, very low DEF
Faerie Eza D very low HP and DEF, moderate ATK
Lovely Lucy the Catgirl D possible Silence (1 enemy), ATK Buff (whole group); very low ATK, DEF and HP


Rank Comments
Zurghos S very high HP and DEF, high ATK, Counter Skill
Tiny A+ very high HP and DEF, possible Stun (front row)
Black Dragon General A very high DEF, high HP, DEF decrease (1 enemy)
Teresa the Valkyrie A high HP, invincibility for 1 round; moderate DEF
Black Knight B high HP, Kill chance after 1 round (1 enemy); moderate DEF
Leviathan B very high HP and DEF, DEF decrease (1 enemy), possible Stun (back row); hard to get 5 stars
Garen C very high HP, Kill chance after 2 rounds (1 enemy); moderate DEF, hard to get 5 stars
Malphite C very high HP; moderate DEF
Leah D Silence (1 enemy), low HP and DEF
Mogul Khan D low HP, moderate DEF
Storm D possible Stun (1 enemy); low HP, moderate DEF
Tauren Chieftain D possible Stun (all enemies), high HP; low DEF


Rank Comments
Dryad S high DEF, ressurection (whole group)
Sweetney S very high HP and DEF, healing for whole group, heal over time
Relly the Elf B ressurection (1 hero); low HP and DEF
Thrall C reasonable HP and ATK; only one healing skill

As you can see there are some heroes missing above. Those are the ones who need further data to be ranked:

Ayame (bleed damage, speed decrease; low DEF and HP)
Eredar (high HP, moderate ATK and DEF, buff removing skill)
Grim (high ATK, kill chance for 2 enemies; low DEF)
Sheila (high ATK and Speed, possible blind for all enemies; moderate DEF)
Sven (bleed damage, ATK increase for himself, moderate HP, DEF and ATK)
Nec (high HP, moderate ATK + DEF, group healing skill)

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